Public School Students

“Our son went to a good public school we liked in some ways, but its emphasis on standardized testing, along with our family’s travel schedule, led us to look at Annunciation Austin.”

There are as many reasons to choose Annunciation Austin as there are students enrolled in our school.

Austin and the surrounding area is blessed with a wealth of good public schools. Despite their high rankings and good teachers however, public schools just can’t offer what many families are looking for in their children’s education.

Just a few of the things public school parents have said they like about Annunciation Austin include:

  • Education based on a Catholic curriculum that includes Theology, Literature and Latin, even for younger students
  • Flexibility that allows for more family time
  • Small class sizes
  • A sense of community
  • Pacing tailored to the individual student and individual subject
  • Grades, transcripts, college credits and preparation
  • No required standardized testing
  • Social exposure to like-minded families
  • School masses
  • Service opportunities

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