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Education Enriched Through Faith and Family

K-12 education based on a classical, Catholic curriculum. Classes are held on the St. Thomas More campus. JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT INFORMATION SESSION! Wednesday, March 29, 9:30-11am. Contact us to RSVP or get more details.

Private School Students

"Having mass and theology as part of school is important to us. But then we found that to challenge our daughter academically, Annunciation Austin's model was a better fit for her individual needs."

Public School Students

"Our son went to a good public school we liked in many ways, but the emphasis on standardized testing, along with our family's travel schedule, led us to look at Annunciation Austin."

Homeschool Students

"We've always valued the flexibility and family time of homeschooling. Then we discovered how Annunciation Austin could enhance our children's academic and spiritual growth.”