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We are blessed by the spiritual guidance and support of the Schoenstatt Movement of Austin. Classes and family activities are imbued with the movement’s Catholic, Marian spirituality.

Schoenstatt families started Annunciation Austin in 2003. Learn more about the Schoenstatt Movement of Austin here and about the educational philosophy of Schoenstatt here.

mother_thrice_admirable_clearOur students and their families are active members of their home parishes throughout the Austin area. Parents may attend regular discussions conducted by the Schoenstatt Fathers and other Schoenstatt educators. Together, our classes and family activities are designed to promote the entire family’s spiritual formation.


We would like to welcome you to Annunciation Austin. It is a homeschooling apostolate that strives for the high ideals of the Catholic Church. It is also happily inspired by the educational wisdom and spiritual practice of the Schoenstatt Movement, a movement of renewal in the Catholic Church which has the approval of the Diocese of Austin.

In the eyes of the Church, the family is the first place of education, flowing from the parents’ life in Christ through the sacrament of marriage (cf. Vatican II, Declaration on Christian Education, No. 3). Through a community of families, learning, and mutual support, Annunciation Austin strives to realize the family atmosphere needed to do this, and to foster the spiritual growth parents need in order to live more and more from the grace of the marriage covenant.

This vision of Annunciation Austin was born within the Schoenstatt Movement in Austin, and since 2006, we the Schoenstatt Fathers (the leading priest community in Schoenstatt) have lent our direct support to this endeavor. Families who join Annunciation are not required to join the Movement, but are most welcome to do so. They can enjoy much spiritual and personal enrichment through the community and activities of the Movement. Also, the pedagogy of Fr. Joseph Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt, lies at the foundation of the principles and practice of the school. We encourage parents and teachers to know his insights better, especially since they are so applicable to the challenges facing education in families today.

At this time Annunciation Austin is the only schooling initiative in the Diocese of Austin which has the endorsement of the Schoenstatt Fathers and the Movement. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 512-301-8762.

Your Schoenstatt Fathers

Fr. Christian Christensen
Fr. Jesus Ferras