The Annunciation Austin staff is carefully chosen by our Director of Education to provide teaching excellence in a supportive environment.

Director of Education, Jackie Horton holds a BA in Physics from Ithaca College, a Texas Teaching Certificate from St. Edward’s University, and a Master’s in Education from Capella University. She has teaching experience in both public and Catholic school settings, as well as experience as a Catholic school principal. She has been homeschooling her children since 2008 and has been teaching at Annunciation Austin since 2012.

“For the position of Director at Annunciation Austin, I believe the most valuable experience I have is as mother and educator of my own children. Focusing on our Catholic identity as our family’s primary goal, I have had to genuinely incorporate our faith life into our homeschooling. Because they are such different learners, I have had to accommodate a variety of home educational and organizational methods. As they’ve progressed through high school, I have had to navigate a variety of developmental and educational milestones. When we first started homeschooling, I was attracted to classical education with the trivium and studied it extensively in order to implement a classical Catholic model with them. Due to me being a teacher outside of the home and their primary educator in the home while they remain involved in a variety of activities, I have had to work hard to balance our home life. I would like to share all of these experiences with families so that they may experience success as members of the Annunciation Austin community.”

Our classes are taught by paid professionals with extensive teaching credentials and/or teaching experience. Several of our teachers are also parents of Annunciation Austin students.

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