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Because of the flexibility of our education program, we are able to accept new enrollments at any time during the school year if space is available. We generally limit enrollment to twelve students per classroom. Interested families are invited to contact us at info@annunciationaustin.org to learn more.

The usual process for enrollment involves the following steps:

1. Contact us to learn more about our school philosophy, curriculum, tuition, expectations of parents and students, etc.

2. Visit the classroom your child would attend during a school day to meet the teacher and get a feel for the classroom environment. Your child can shadow classmates during this time as well.

3. Complete the enrollment paperwork and pay any required fees/tuition payments to enroll your child(ren) and determine what date your child will start school at Annunciation Austin.

Other details regarding books, uniforms, parents’ EIM certification, etc. will be covered during the process. We welcome you to find out if Annunciation Austin is a good fit for your family!

Email us to learn more.