Private School Students

“Having mass and theology as part of school is important to us. But then we found that to challenge our daughter academically, Annunciation Austin’s model was a better fit for her individual needs.” 

There are as many reasons to choose Annunciation Austin as there are students enrolled in our school.

We all support Catholic education. Several of our students have attended traditional Catholic schools before or after attending Annunciation Austin. But some families have found that our education model works better for their needs.

Just a few of the things private school parents have said they like about Annunciation Austin include:

  • Flexibility that allows for more family time
  • Pacing tailored to the individual student and individual subject
  • A structured curriculum, grades and transcripts
  • Small class sizes
  • A sense of community
  • Social exposure to like-minded families
  • School masses
  • Service opportunities

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